Resilience Building

Our neuroscience-based resilience programs and tools enable individuals, supporters, and all types of organisations to improve wellness and protect mental health through a scientific preventative approach.


RFAST - Resilience First Aid Starter Training

Connected Resilience training to build mental wellness in groups through the 6 domains of resilience, along with pychosocial awareness training.

Duration: 2-hours –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $65p

RFA - Resilience First Aid Certification

The RFA Certification is an accredited 2-day mental health course to learn critical skills to proactively support and protect mental wellness.

Duration: 2-days –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $575pp

HART - High Adversity Resilience Training Certification

The HART Certification is an accredited 2-day program to build advanced resilience skills in people exposed to extreme stress (first responders, defence, healthcare, justice, crisis support…).

Duration: 2-days –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $345pp



Resilience assessments can be used by individuals and organisations to measure resilience and other aspects of their mental health.

PR6 Assessment

The PR6 is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric questionnaire. Through a 3-min questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains of resilience.

DASS Assessment

The DASS is a widely-used psychometric test to check for the severity of symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.


Engage in our resilience workshops that offer hands-on training, strategic approaches, and practical tools for cultivating resilience in both individuals and teams. Tailored to address stress in diverse environments, our resilience training equips participants with the skills and resources needed.

Studies reveal that resilient individuals exhibit elevated energy levels and enhanced work performance. A team fortified with resilience not only boosts overall productivity but also aids others in navigating through stress. These workshops provide your organization with the essential knowledge and materials for achieving these outcomes.


The workshop is crafted to educate individuals on recognizing various stress indicators. Participants will acquire skills to navigate and overcome challenges by delving into the six domains of resilience.


Enhancing a team’s resilience involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Through team resilience workshops, participants have the opportunity to explore and cultivate their resilience with the support of their peers.


Managers are pivotal in fostering their team’s well-being and establishing a work environment conducive to resilience. These workshops are tailored to equip managers with tactics and tools to support and minimize stress within their teams.


Immerse yourself in these hands-on workshops, offering both individuals and teams practical tools for resilience theory and development.

Participants will:


      • Explore the 6 Domains of Resilience (vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity, and collaboration).
      • Gain insights into relevant tools for assessing and developing resilience skills.
      • Foster team connections within a safe environment.
      • Grasp the impact of stress and develop skills to identify its root causes.
      • Acquire coping strategies for navigating stressful scenarios and situations.