What is your Resilience Score – Part 5 – Tenacity

Welcome to part 5 of a 6-part series on the domains of resilience in the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6).

The PR6 is a proprietary scale that provides holistic measurement of resilience across six domains of resilience that has been developed by Pieter J. Rossouw and Jurie G. Rossouw using an established neurobiological model.

This week’s domain is Tenacity.

What is Tenacity?

Tenacity is about the ability to persevere through difficulty and quickly get back on track. Whether it is an illness or a setback at work, this indicates a measure of hardiness that helps us to keep going, keep trying and to bounce back quickly.

During these situations, it is important to have a realistic sense of the limits of control and maintain accurate expectations of what we can achieve. This helps us to not expect too much of ourselves, but still know ourselves well enough to recognise the strength to be able to push forward and endure.

How does a low score present?

If your Tenacity score is low, setbacks, illnesses, and work stress will have a strong and lasting effect on you. Each time something happens, it might feel like you need a lot of time to recover, and a problem in one area easily spills over into many other aspects of your life. It could even seem as if life is a constant stream of problems and that you never get a break. You might often see events as problems, even when they aren’t in reality. This tends to lead you to give up sooner than you should since the problems you perceive could be overcome through persistence.

If your confidence in your ability to manage difficult situations is currently at a low level, it might lead you to give up too soon. At this level, you might not recognise all the successes you’ve had in the past and all the difficulties you’ve already conquered throughout your life. These should provide you with evidence that you do have the capacity to get through any challenge and that you have the ability to be persistent and succeed. The key for you is to discover and acknowledge your inherent strength, then build on this so you don’t give up when challenges inevitably arise.

How would you currently rate your Tenacity domain?

  • What kind of things have happened in the past that you’ve had trouble moving on from?
  • What made it harder to work through these past events?
  • How do you stay motivated when things get tough?
  • What could get you back on your feet faster after something has happened?

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