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What is your Resilience Score – Part 1 – Vision

Welcome to a 6 part series on the domains of resilience in the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6).

The PR6 is a proprietary scale that provides holistic measurement of resilience across six domains of resilience that has been developed by Pieter J. Rossouw and Jurie G. Rossouw using an established neurobiological model.

The first and most important domain is Vision.

What is ‘Vision’

Vision is all about our ‘why’, our personal sense of purpose and direction in life and is what drives us. It includes what it is we aspire to be like as individuals, along with a sense of confidence that we can achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. This is strongly linked to our sense of self-worth and personal achievement, along with our own values and ability to be committed and decisive.

During difficult times, having a clear vision and goals helps you to identify opportunities, helps in decision making and provides you with a guiding light to help you to be stronger than before.

How does a low score present?

If your Vision domain score is low, you may often feel uncertain, directionless and feel like you have very little control over anything. When you come to a difficult decision, you might have a hard time working out what the right choice is, often spending a great deal of time weighing up all the options. This affects your ability to be decisive and stay committed to a course of action and makes it difficult to develop a deep sense of confidence in your own abilities. You may avoid setting goals, because you have tried in the past and things haven’t worked out, so now you feel as though you don’t even want to try.

How would you rate your Vision domain?

  • What might be holding you back from choosing a goal to pursue?
  • What could help to support you in setting and pursuing your goals?

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6 Domains of Resilience - Vision - Image of binoculars looking into distance


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