The Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale – PR6, is a holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement of the crucial life skills that lead to the achievement of well-being and personal success.


The PR6 is an advanced yet efficient resilience psychometric measurement. Through a 3-minute questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across six crucial domains. The PR6 also includes a forward-looking Momentum measurement, indicating likely future movement as a predictive factor, which helps to identify the need for further resilience development.

Simplicity improves impact. Reports are short, informative and actionable. 

Reports at an individual and team level can be delivered.

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Target Participants

The assessment tool is an all-round resilience measurement that has had participants from 14 years old and upwards. The analysis is useful both at personal and professional levels.

The program is ideal for groups or teams, as team-based reporting identifies team trends and fosters communication to uncover the root cause and improve together.

Scientifically Validated

The core neurobiological foundations that underpin resilience form the basis of the report. To learn more about what this is, click here.

The original peer-reviewed research done by RForce that identified these foundations is available online at

Driven Resilience Training

Driven is a comprehensive neuroscience-based resilience development course that is fully scalable and deliverable for any size organisation.

It can be administered entirely through the easily deployed and automated, AI-powered virtual coach. Or, the course can be a combination of face-to-face workshops/coaching sessions delivered over seven months in conjunction with the Virtual Coach.

Driven covers all aspects of resilience to enable individuals to improve their well-being and achieve sustainable success.

How it works

Driven kicks off through a virtual invite to complete the PR6 Assessment that instantly gets you started. Based on your scores, a self-paced tailored training course begins, prioritised to your needs with short daily resilience micro-boosts. Following initial progress, a re-measurement can be scheduled to track progress. Group reporting shows aggregated results and track benefits across stratified levels.

The inclusion of face-to-face workshops allows participants to have a debrief of their report and reinforces the concepts. It also provides the opportunity for them to ask questions and the provision of additional coaching support.

Target Participants

The material taught is an all-round resilience development course that is ideal for:

  • General public
  • Professionals in every sector
  • Leaders and Executives
  • High School and Tertiary Students
  • Professional athletes and sportspeople

The program is suitable for individuals, groups or teams, as team-based reporting identifies team trends and fosters communication to uncover the root cause and improve together. Additional functionality is available to service larger corporate clients.

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