Our Wings are Finished

Cory Blair has finished the artwork for the #BeAPhynix movement. Check it out.

Final Timelapse of the #BeAPhynix initiative wings. This was a commissioned piece for a woman in Canberra, Australia who is starting up an initiative which aims to build resilience amongst people suffering from calamity or apparent annihilation. The work of the initiative can be defined as readiness and ability in initiating action. The vision of the piece is for someone to be able to take off with these wings. The wings will be enlarged and printed into a large banner for use with the participants of the initiative.On a more personal level, the piece was a bit of a becoming for me as well. I am transitioning out of a 40 hour/week social media office job and continuing my passion to make meaningful artwork. I look at this piece as my taking off, my phynix rising. Especially after a particularly draining winter, spring, and early summer. Now I feel refreshed and renewed as I soar with my phynix wings on my back. Art: Cory BlairMusic: ‘Packed Rich – Shame’ from SVNSET WAVES via SoundCloudFor more, visit my FB Page and website link in bio. DM for inquiries.

Posted by Cory Blair Art on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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