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National Communications Charter

Phynix Initiative has signed the National Communications Charter (The Charter) to formally demonstrate its commitment to how the organisation will talk about mental health, well-being and suicide.

The Charter provides an opportunity for governments, organisations, community groups and individuals to play a role in reducing stigma around mental ill-health and suicide, while also promoting help-seeking behaviour through its guiding principles and messages.

Life in Mind was commissioned to re-develop The Charter under the guidance of a Champions group, to support the nation on safely talking about mental health and suicide as well as improve how the issues are responded to in workplaces, governments and the community.

Everymind Suicide Prevention Project Lead, Simon Pont said The Charter supports a unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention, which supports coordinated and consistent messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.

Life in Mind provides the platform for The National Communications Charter, allowing individuals, communities and organisations to become familiar with the principles and pledge their support for this vital uniting document,” Mr Pont said. “By signing The Charter, organisations and individuals are agreeing to communicate in ways that are safe and actively work to increase help-seeking behaviour, reduce stigma and encourage collaboration.”

Life in Mind encourages individuals, communities and organisations to lead by example and show their support by signing up to The Charter. As well as sharing The Charter key messages, principles, links and #CommsCharter hashtag with others.

 “As the CEO of Phynix Initiative, I am proud to sign The Charter and demonstrate our commitment to working together, developing processes for collaboration and incorporating coordinated and consistent messaging, about mental health and suicide prevention….” Tammie Horton, CEO and Founder August 2020.

To see and share the National Communications Charter and learn more about Life in Mind, please visit:

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