Meet the team that deliver on the mission of Phynix Initiative. As the team grows, so will this page. 


CEO and Founder

Tammie Horton 

I am a motivational speaker, coach, instructor, mentor, and consultant. I have a lived experience of bullying, self-harming, domestic abuse, suffering from anxiety and depression, supporting a partner with multiple health conditions, all the while holding down a full time job and raising three children.

In 2018 I left my career as an Australasian Award-winning Business Continuity Manager in the Australian Public Service to pursue my passion of helping people overcome distress and overwhelm through motivation and resilience coaching, educating people on the valuable skills of Mental Health First Aid and promoting social and emotional development through the use of music and rhythm.

My top 3 motivators are:

Searcher: Purposeful, feedback-orientated, quality critical
Expert: Insightful, Learning-orientated, Knowledgable
Spirit: Independent, Choice-orientated, Decisive 

My top 5 strengths are:

Input | Empathy | Relator | Harmony | Developer

I am looking forward to working with you to help you increase your motivation, resilience and mental well-being.