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Trust the Process – Speakers Institute

Over the past three days, I have attended a workshop with the #SpeakersInstitute. I don’t know how many times we were told, “Trust the process”. At times it seemed like I was getting further away from my intention but on Saturday night something just clicked. I learned how to define the intention for Phynix Initiative and presented …

Inspirational Series - Phynix Moments - Definition

Inspirational Series – Phynix Moments

Over the past 15 days, I have been publishing a series of inspirational quotes called Phynix Moments.  These quotes speak to the definition of what a Phynix means to me. Being a Phynix is about being the best you can be despite everything that life throws at us! Just as we treat our physical wounds and …

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Hello world!

Well, Phynix Initiative is getting off the ground. We are now in the process of doing market research to design a service that best suits our client’s needs. We are looking forward to meeting you.